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Listen: Lindsey Graham: "I don't think you have to be too psychologist to see people believe Washington is broken"

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Justin Sullivan
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Thirty-five to forty percent he has in every state what is that vote in your opinion when she great law I'm not daughter fill that is you know thank you have to be too you know talk collared just understand the people believe watched him is broken they see Donald Trump is a successful distanced man who's not known anybody who that killing their concerns and fears about illegal immigration I think to be an added to the vamos weakness the entire packages the Gattis been successful in the private sector not beholden to anyone but guide to replace elite guy nine politician to replace a bunch of people like mate understand the attraction is going to be tough on immigration is coming tough on myself I think that's the attraction at Donald Trump I don't think that people who support him or bad people I think that's what they're gong to now it goes from these two states tomorrow Utah and Arizona and I'm not ruling out and Ted Cruz win in Arizona there are some sort of assured there but there are a lot of bad boasted that might have gone too much of it but it goes up to Wisconsin next on April fourth that's the next big it will be really Sherman arm a gotten primary any indication that year picked up about were Scott Walker is a mess and how that that stay plays for them it Romney Wisconsin having corny speaks people listen and from a gente seeks Hornet you you know if you don't make it in workout coming giants gonna do want to do that court night with a or that they don't compete against each other in state's four one can do better than the other our rally behind Ted because I just don't see him breaking out in this atmosphere but if they can say when Wisconsin then I guess everybody has to re evaluate but if Casey doesn't when Wisconsin you know about how did reconsider they can taken this is a three-way per person primary not know what my assessment is that actually crews have to win was consummate John case it might be over to play in Pennsylvania in Western New York and some of the Congressional District but that this was Goffin a close primary yes it is eleven time as a close prior made it does better but you know Pennsylvania road out one some of the month northeastern state you know maybe that more case Victor toward but if thirty-three people in the right Al believed it every though John takes it Takes is a tale compact know he doesn't mean that but I just think that but he put it we're not in the Rays most of those people but could go to tip vs trot.