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Story- Listen: "I and she just had her birthday yesterday"

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Taylor Weidman
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I and she just had her birthday yesterday so so i i i i'm thankful that they at least came into my life at that time now and there's an and and all go ahead of going there you had a couple i i was going to say and and sometimes it's those times a people don't on they don't know what they're doing for the greater good but we're thankful that they spent that time right like seat she went the extra mile well an in and may be in it made me he notice and made me the and made it it it confirmed that at that time lee so was sent by somebody up about rizzo's there's no doubt in my mind that that that was the case so so it so i i'm and internally grateful that dead lisa decided that that she headed in our heart to help me so i'm down deftly appreciative of that and i'm also appreciative of my immediate family by two brothers dan ryan my mom and my dad now my mom and dan live up north and you know the bowl for them i mean they've had some defensive physical setbacks here in this last year but their mind is still very their minds are still very sharp dave they can and physically still get around without you know that without a lot a lot of pain and in my two brothers are doing very well and we all know that not everybody has there still has or two parents still living yeah or still have everybody in their media family still here so that's it's something that i do not take for granted and i hope that you listener out there if you of if you have your family nearby big very very grateful because not everybody is that fortunate this time ear to be around for him in you are so correct on that and then kind of brings me into or something in that i will say that i am very thankful for not i mentioned it a few times i've never fully given the entire story in its entirety but here we go k here here's what my personal journey and i hope this oh of the so inspiring and motivate others that are at a low point in their life ten years ago i was at a very little point in my life.