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Listen: "Gregg Popovich himself after last night"

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He's goal with the money and J sports I'm only to win game Score two the league comes up to the blue off that mobile App knowing won't need anything they do that games over master sun shine Mr Smiley face Gregg Popovich himself after last night nights ninety-eight ninety seven thunder win at San Antonio only the second time all season San Antonio has lost at home that series now tied to the game apiece in a Monday that was the craziest thirteen and a half seconds of basketball tend to Game we've seen in a long time to the point where the officials apparently had no idea what they were doing because guess what with that the league has now come out today and has said that in a span of thirteen Ana have seconds they were five in corrective non calls made five five as if they just yet the sleep we're going to go over the these five but I think there was one that was another win that wasn't there was six you know the good he would go through a legal through well do we have enough time guys I you're ready of money thirteen point eight seconds what we have that's that's when Dion Waiters out of bounds yes and manage an overly is a they're about to give him the ball and Sousa give the ball managing only changes position and gets really close and I'm leaving steps out about forgot yes spurs guard manager nobody should've been whistled for delay of game as soon as he stepped on the sideline Ok right there batch of end of the play that's not called then Dion Waiters does something inexplicably all he crosses the out of bounds plain and elbows Ginobili has the inbounds ball I guess he thought hike why not physically give myself some room between the injured although he's Ackley there's father to next after the inbounds foul should've been called on not one but two Spurs Patty Mills and quite Leonard knows grabbed and held Thunder centers Steven Adams a because guess what Adams like a foot taller than Mills I guess that's understandable then Russell Westbrook's jerseys grabbed by quite Leonard in okay that's for them this one may be the most fatal one for the Spurs not winning this game yesterday thunder Forte Serge Ibaka was grabbing and holding LaMarcus Aldridge with two point six seconds to go and a shooting foul should've been called Marcus Aldridge of money have forty-one points with ten for ten from the line including making those big three free throws to make it a one point with a thirteen point nine or so seconds to go yes Ken Mauer who was the lead official acknowledged the missed the fence a foul by Waiters on the floor gate probably the dumbest excuse we may have ever hearty ready money I don't do i do we want to hear it yes.