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story Listen: "Were a lottery winners boldin the oversized jets were billions of dollars"

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And you know lado okay no we've all he has the were a lottery winners boldin the oversized jets were billions of dollars yet but a mathieu what it would feel like to be paid nearly two billion dollars even if you did to purchase a winning ticket how do that what happened to a man of barrel you knows man and lottery officials are saying he never should ever received up rise that's right surveillance video shows the man who's identity will remain anonymous purchase when the powerball ticket in january two thousand team as seventy six gas station and west l a now according to lottery officials the manager of the gas station told the matt he had purchased the winning one point nine million dollar ticket which he unfortunately mess placed okay did you know that you actually who's a tick get but according to new roles you can provide substantial prove hurts up to gain a check oh i did not know right yeah the hit the change of policy allow the man to file acclaim for the prides along with the no ticket that ration saying he lost the to get at all oh lubri the acting director of the lottery obdurate him in the amount of what million nine hundred a five thousand nine hundred to three does de matt base where she called substantial proof right the story surveillance video system was approximately four seven minutes ahead of the california state lottery time this where against so you basically like all the come on the camera and but this it was on the wrong time so the winning take it was purchased at four thirty five which was the difference thirty seconds earlier another to get was but the store no says the ticket what they're time was where there was a lot of matt had to be will be good not on that sure since the ticket for but in such a close proximity is difficult to discern so the actual purchaser of the take it it is all my guards and so so what continue so so the lottery admits that never showed his good fortune as it now my dez but did not disclose the reason for not doing so green filed a lawsuit against lottery.