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NFL Pledges $100 Million To Improve Player Safety Issues: Do Fans Care?

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Alex Goodlett
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Don't even have to play magda run a better alfredsson in an open letter in today's wall street journal nfl commissioner roger goodell announced the league's play smart play safe initiative in which one hundred million dollars is being put towards medical research and developing new technology to make the game safer for its players he also spoke in an exclusive interview with matt loughery this morning an responded to skepticism that the new initiative is more about protecting the nfl's image an really about protecting him by amid the most popular sport in the win in america and you know common core fan i mean you want to reach the guy who really the blood and guts rise and fall with his team place fantasy maybe that's a little bit that drinks a lot by where jerseys the today show and the wall street journal well it on as he was kind of asked about the common core fan louder and roger goodell if he thinks that the fans actually care that much about the concussion issue given that it hasn't dented the nfl's popularity said oh yes very much so i hear from mahler fans on that they care about our players they care about him today and in the future and my question to you to a's is that a bunch of bull divulge a ball on tennis fans actually care about concussion issue jimmy my football in sunday i don't care how it gets there i just winners the good in entertain here's another they care if one of their own players gets can cause the camp like the next week that's how they care and the nfl.