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Listen: I asked him George are Bengals fans Same here we go again in the playoffs

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W L WTO television in Cincinnati I asked him George are Bengals fans Same here we go again in the playoffs But look at least there's no doubt about that you know not only to lose the even some Pronger but when you lose like last night and very big Phoenix overly they they could have cost them game Burke shameful should be in the game for one game and it's I don't know there's like a broken record over and over and over again and an everyone hopes one of these years they did it all go the other way for but I don't think anyone who believe in these insiders I spoke to George Vogel on Tuesday following that Monday night's loss against the Broncos How can you blame Bengals fans all fur having so little faith in this team I actually like what I saw from AJ McCown on Monday night I really did an that Bengals squad on dad Li is one of those talented roster in the NFL but how can you real he believed the they've got what it takes with the Marvin Lewis and their head coach in a potential backup quarterback to do anything of note in the playoffs I don't blame Bengals fans one bit for taking it along the Wayne see approach and really not given their hearts stump daunting crushed yet again we've seen it too many times fully one Shame on you for me Seventeen different times well shame on me Rios hit Wisconsin and he's all one o seven five the fan would some real they would score idea you do about me I was wondering about being a Packers an earlier stall the playoffs we are in the they were losing in the Vikings Tonight was a serious it they have any sort a chance at making a run this year like they did a few years ago or did pretty much looking forward to next year I think the Packers have the potential to be dangerous matchup in that second game If they find something in the wild card around to really build off I don't like how inconsistent they've been all season I don't like Alan the final six weeks of the season they really haven't played great football an tonight it's kind of May It's a trick or treat situation because if the Packers beat the Vikings at home at lamp while they are A division winner Andy will host the Seahawks potentially if they lose their on the road in Washington what would you rather be holding team against any dangerous Seahawks Claude road team at Washington i think you could make the case you rather be the road team at a Washington but half the host the Seahawks but if the Packers and get a win tonight or even if they lose get a with a wild card around and looked good doing it will get a slot beat twenty-three the 16 win over the Redskins are something like that you know say they do will host the Seahawks and actually Aaron Rodgers looks good air today help they get a decent ground game in the defense creates a turnover to the shift some momentum then at least they can build off that going on the road either way I Rielly think the Packers are done ski in that division around I think you the Panthers The Cardinals would be them at home in that round if I give the Packers any fighting chance they've got to look good if they win the wild card around the kid just get by his I believe they've gotta have something clicked into gear An and that only way they're gonna be good enough and frankly I don't think they good Arizona even like a back and win for what we saw a couple weeks ago that thrashed maybe they could go the Carolina and Wayne but again you have to really prove a wild card around the chewing found you're grew some type of momentum and that's a tough thing to do what the way they've.