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D-Day Veteran Talks About Jumping Over Normandy - And Everything Going Wrong

World War II veteran Tom Rice, a 94-year-old former paratrooper, relives the moment he jumped from a plane on D-Day, and what went wrong as he did.

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the green light goes on I Jumpin, and justified did number one and number two men pulled a switch of the plane goes up , because the load was dropped, right, and I went out the door at the same time and then when I turned the problem, we're going to Hunter sixty-five miles an hour, we got a jump at ninety-five to a hundred, they jump naturally ten a told the pilots that slow the thing down we can't jumped on a pilot jawing at Pitching whatnot, ignored it so when I went out we were yelling at Pitching and playing well enough nifty , the pair packs dropped they probably left hit me and throw me up against the side of the aircraft, wow my arm left arm got caught in the lower left and corner of the door, so I Sean now, my helmet came down over Mattias, my reserve, shoot was forced to my face, because amuse the bag with underneath so I don't know what the Dickens with going up two point eight seconds service for tress French Marte nothing should open by that time, so I swung in and hit the aircraft side again, one out, got the helmet up, and I saw the Para packed Cover of the parachute flapping under the rotor the airplane show number two or number three men doubling Scott out so what I swung back and I turned a little bit and I got three, I can't imagine what that feels Lee talk about disaster that the Suns your moment, your first experience in the war really, in what's gonna be a combat situation you almost didn't get away from the thought of room and you what a died,