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Listen: "The L.A. Clippers send the Phoenix Suns to the twelve consecutive lost"

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Doug Pensinger
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Poll Do in Boulder Isaac I years our latest for dubbed a here's Peters shorts I think so much will pull logic it with you in our beats not eighty studios in L.A. here's what's happening the L.A. Clippers said the Phoenix Suns the twelve consecutive walls and their most lopsided loss of the season and they won twenty four eighty four victory over Phoenix two points and J.J. Redick seventeen points the Andre Jordan has eleven rebounds sixteen point for Chris Paul along with fourteen is just Doc Rivers this team moved to one one on the current four-game homestand we have to keep improving and that's what I tell our guys every product is in every game this player preparation and that's just the mindset week we've made changes we have to catch up there and so our guys you know we've we told him is serious star and no words even so we're ready we have to do better in also a lot for Jeff Green to get his first real experience with the Clippers he played twenty four minutes as a result the lopsided affair scored eighteen points Doc Rivers talked about his previous relationship with green in Boston honestly didn't really give him any advice about your last I didn't think he was going to play again so I just know we're going to create something in balls if we can do more coaching staff honestly these aren't your guys who just former on the tape talking about the time they Green missed an entire year because of an aneurysm hot made a big comeback effort to get back on the floor the Clippers back on the more Wednesday when they take on the Nuggets pre-game coverage six thirty here on the based on a deep stable Lakers ball off he won away one along with Ryan had fifteen points on three of twelve shooting Nick Young lead with nineteen points in twenty four minutes Lakers Wednesday at Memphis the Bulls Final Monday the Canes home on Tuesday facing Calgary Flames Ducks take down the Sabres Wednesday L.A. County playing.