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Debate Night: Donald Trump Says Inner Cities Are 'Hell'

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Tom Pennington
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We need law and order we don't have it we're not going to have a country and when i look at what's going on in charlotte the city i love the city where have investments when i look at what's going on to out various parts of our country whether it's i mean i can just keep naming i'm all day long we need law and order can our country and i just got today the as you know the endorsement of the fraternal potter of police were just just kaman we have to endorsements from i think almost every police group i mean i large percentage of them in the united states we have a situation where we have far inner cities african americans just panicked our living in hell because it's so dangerous he walk down the street you get shot in chicago they've had thousands of shootings thousands singe january first thousands of shootings i don't say where it was just a war torn country in what we're doing and we have to stop the violence we have to bring back law and order in a place like chicago where thousands of people had been kill thousands over the last number of years tacto most four thousand have been killed since barack obama became president over four almost four thousand people in chicago have been kill.