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Listen: "You're getting old and fat, Peyton"

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Doug Pensinger
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I haven't points going to be awesome you need to be at Denver Broncos being to gamble because they forget dropped the hammer on everybody in the playoffs but that should file personnel it was sometimes whenever you can get again Golden bad Peyton so we need a named at a local radio is where he can find me on Twitter and now what will do is well narrow it down to pour will get names we held we have four and well then give you a chance to vote anybody wanted try something anybody wanna Wei Yin and give it if Davon National Radio don't worry he did not know it's gonna whack for you we were just brain Stone with the law in core and we're trying to scramble around these words that come open the title but not sure yet we have any ideas we view matched a laws court I get I really like you if you knew Paul and tonight is Lovett Jamie well that I love but it they need to be something I don't I don't alone order Tom suggested a Law And Order in the little bit taken Bigger I stealing a from the TV show two when it comes to mind I don't let room now and the other okay shot of my jelling these guys that I think are ideas are a little bit off center and and not attractive to me AP you're you're supposed to be a creative when you write me right I guess I different blogs yeah all coupled with something it's began the la Times I think put up a new Blog post This Week maybe just a really quickly how much fun did you have reviewing Batman vs Superman I ripped a test Reds Don't give goal spoiler alert again I don't giving away why would be able re interview already telling what you did years it's he's there three filled the words weight then did you look goes up on the Internet good fit alright so well tweet delayed are showed Twitter that do our TBS will tweeted link for your reading pledge or I think he reviews Moody's fourth he's the man high-end men why you're doing that beef thinking about a name for our segment something to do with that core and the Giants and the gamble and me being mean it no just came back laying down the lob laying down the line I'm gonna get what about it they already IEDs during that we've got we've got all of your draft questions answered with Dame room join the CBS Sports he's put together an entire mock draft all seven route and after hours with a new Lawrie here's our latest board someday and here's Pete what does indoors what comes stupid.