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Listen: "I think the Rams should give him a shot"

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Ronald Martinez
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Griffin and what into the playoffs had an outstanding rookie year was hurt and then fizzled sold they have a decision to make they they don't acute Monday the books because the salary but wisely if they know teams are interested they might want to trade him before they released him and the Rams I'm just saying day of the trade for maybe I think it would be in their interest first Bobby hits the open market if they do release him I think the Rams should give him a shot Trout aside to bring him in is their quarterback but even if not may be to beat everybody to the marketplace sent a seventh-round pick for a conditional pick back to the Redskins ensure already were hotter robbed them of us besides and and give Robert Griffin a chance year with a good running an outstanding running back end another pretty good D. science and and maybe a quarterback who can develop them run he's not Cam Newton Let's not put him in that category is running quarterback we've seen them in college do some good things and I don't think you Robert Griffin the third so a bad guy I think is worth taking a shot well that's one man's opinion no American well you don't agree I'm not given up a draft pick to train a guy that can signed as a free agent number one If you know zone but you're going to teams of may lineup I'm sure there's a handful of teams the Jets music need a quarterback the Texans but he needs a corner high average said about ten team won over their Somme then you're Robert grows on you want to go to Dallas and be in a backup behind Tony Romo who's having surgery again to might get hurt again or do you want to say you know what I want to go reckoned start and and lead might seem and earn somebody in their in some respects back I would do here is if I'm the Rams I would entertain the idea that you coming into camp and you're coming in a many camp or whatever and I want to see what you can do and that's it that's is firs first the fir list I get actually extend Robert Griffin the third he sure about that well that's why people call the Margie three you know I think he's OK with just Robert Griffin and I I must say I have for you know how good I am would name yes you are entrenched you're very good now he texted that they were talking about what Audi to go there you know you're going to any time you can sell your partner down the road on the at noon brought about your happy zone right all you brought it up but I but I do think ended batters when you sit with people would production meetings need more football gauge other was less needed the GM the Rams at you with a good.