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Listen: "Panthers are Just going to be too much for Broncos"

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Justin Edmonds
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All right are doing as long as you know you my friend doing great Panthers are just going to be too much for Broncos thirty eight thirteen faces but I have a disastrous game wow you you want it you want you don't know what makes you think pain you have a disastrous game I just think is Farmer is not going all hold up and the data sample favorites is it's going to think too much for him and I'm a Payton plans it's just not bode well because rolling for answers right now sure property ready to how many times will can no in June the opening sure should the shoulder the emotion during the game over under two and a half we'll do if he wrote zero show you tell me he's not scoring a touchdown I don't he'll score touchdown but I think he's going to keep the ship just tell the Super Bowl figure out your mind I think you might do for five times for one touchdown no highly thank you very much in it we're going to him doing he's not keeping it in checked he is doing is he's damn proud of it and the last team he's going to do is putting chest one hundred and forty believes someone people will be watching the game on CBS by the way but we get you see the Super Bowl only on CBS let's go the ball so soon Sports Hub Johnny Oates CBS Sports Radio.