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Listen: "You know take a bubble fan the Lions I would juice"

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Scott Eisen
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Inside the park studio better parts better prices you know take a bubble fan the Lions I would juice at me on this thing about the stock I would rather dished rents rubs an guys that play here get hurt fizzle out and bust the work are guys the then having to deal with the torment of getting a train seven player once every two would have three decades like the great Barry Sanders and now the great maggots run an watching them prematurely were Tiger Of the Lions fan of sit there saying what I'm gonna win any way and we ever want something since what 58 whether what a Super Bowl so I don't ever wanna do the horror break of getting to know these guys and seen them labeling the 30 You don't want greatness in the locker room with the feel of a dozen materialized with the champion Lakers I think the heartbreak offset side I feel like this is a bit of a lingering around prove led the Tribe for a couple years now not you know so it is weird his season this season in twenty fifteen because despite is twelve hundred and 14 yards in thirteen point eight doubles 14 yards per reception and nine touchdowns didn't feel like he was kind of invisible it hit me they they they A lot of it was because the season the season was a wash and you know after they will that losing streak in coach Caldwell had start figuring things out firing people spot in the coordinators change things around it it they start the win some games down the stretch with a still felt like season was over but make a true was named wasn't on the tip of our consciousness like it usually is especially after some unbelievable seized the city have like eleven in 12 were Evan at 16 touchdowns receiving touchdowns and two thousand twelve we all the way almost got the two thousand receiving yards which is unprecedented and it doesn't happen in in in football so he he he battle with some injuries you I I know this because I would do it the whole physically starts starts catching up with you he the preparation and how I wanted to do this again how were gonna go to another all season how my going to you know spin 17 weeks especially for gonna struggle in losing did but they did it it becomes less fulfilling Come less passionate about that he felt like the Swiss trickle in last year but after good year you I didn't think that this would be especially the way they finished the year the season in twenty fifteen but he's Look at those look like they're hang it up and he has a spoken it has been confirms below press conference but he's told basically the Lions that is that is done it's it's shocking I agree with you be team in the tournament.