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Listen: "Football and brain disease, or CTE concussions, do you let your kid play football"

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Streeter Lecka
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I'm a night Alex Avila does but it happens more gonna bought just the fact it it does it in and like my son he'd seen in the Queen get you got to get back into walk golf they're playing football it will be pain AP The Colts with it no are out there but we can't help the ball a little longer allowed to not that that that that Smart is afternoon while the me it does if that yeah look we got a lot of calls enabled will take a couple more in this new era for Weibo take a couple more calls on this so from the NFL finally admitted that there's a connection football in brain disease or CTE concussion this do you let your kid play football or is this much should do about nothing to educate to get all the glory like Mike skid for not good would you let your kid play right now take a couple more calls come up at seven four other restrictions apply all personal own Army by way bank AAU talk charter industrial Bank member FDIC equal opportunity Lender Hey guys its and eighteen here and as a radio host turn out to burn error I've seen firsthand how cash really is Cain so instead of getting high interest re credit cards I turned to prosper dot com prospers online marketplace connects people who need money but those who want to invest invest in you you can use prospered about the thirty-five thousand dollars in its fewest five days with prosper dot com you can borrow money for just about anything you want you could have high interest re credit cards fix up The House even plenty vacation anything you want it's your money prosper dot com is the better way to get the catch unique at a low interest rates to check your low rate instantly without affecting are good credit go to prosper dot com slash win so prep the thirty-five thousand dollars in your account in its fewest five days go to prosper dot com slash when that's prosper dot com slash win but it's an science proves the best many Ben is the one you've already card kid transporters par dry wall mover tiers of the when Green is a little faded that was a Platinum package option in nineteen eighty-seven with over four hundred thousand parts and little never know you can keep anything on the road it is not old it's vintage that snapping we have a whole lot of mobbed by the all new on the field very good on what we're just north of eight you get a lot of our new show the lack there everyone spurring imagined going on now and can drive your new soon room today with a matchup all dry.