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Dog Lover Dominic Cunningham-Reid On The Human-Canine Bond

Producer Dominic Cunningham-Reid talks about his film Superpower Dogs, and the general bond between dogs and humans brought about by co-evolution.

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puppy with about ten eleven weeks old so I think if we can follow that's all the way through you never know if the dog has what it takes, I think it already have demonstrated exceptional abilities intelligent and we'll see I mean we're going to probably other following a few puppies over the course of their training, and that'll be kind of berth, narrative spine of the movie as we've visit with all these other dogs him in Italy for example working with the Italian Coast Guard in the new for Lamb to jump out of helicopters and safety systems drowning on and then we are going to go to the Canadian Rockies we're going to profile on one of the most accomplished Avalanche rescue dogs, and then rushed good he can yes we got a pair of blood how brothers who contract posters up to about a hundred miles away to meeting we've seen them in action then and then we've got a couple of other dogs a medical detection of service dog still profiling but the main story is going to kind of follow this this poppy from about ten weeks all the way to maybe even three years old if we can get there to hopefully it's successful certification examined and it eventually readiness for deployment, other than after glass, will dominate take you tell us what's been the most powerful thing that even deserve so far about the human animal bond, look at dogs but you can not there yet, well you know I think I think, when you need to know greeted carefully in mind you needed it, logical their current long, you're not Black when you're back in time to realize that you can look at it, it out, team and shoulder and now he tied Schuhmann We curveball, he wouldn't be neat little yuck Daniel Palka, you know