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Guest: Listen: "You play for you know the burial caught"

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Pascal Le Segretain
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That i i i think that it really get he does like you to greet and it's it's really and yet because most people don't think about preview had the luxury however when the first thing you have to think about is how are we get there five it and what are we get you know where we got a weird how are only going you play for you know the burial caught you know you really don't have a chance to catcher breath in an really agree that hurt and kelly wearing find that the leash and so an by things right no one for going in that when you my family out leaky well thank you for sure in your story seriously mania you know i think you know hurt and when you speak about life insurance that's actually a tough thing for most people to speak to speak about the first place now that i'm older unwise there i get it but when i was younger i didn't want to talk about it i didn't want to think about everyone i love dying it's the denial aaron and i were talking about this earlier it's like you have this beer if you talk about it it's going to happen but yet but is going to happen you just don't know we're unless you're higher or your only more all right well i mean the only reason you were not one again like seriously people.