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Mobile World Congress

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If the trial for police officer her wanna Mo again as starts may thirtieth about eleven months after he shot and killed land up to steal during a traffic stop, during today's hearing and I spoke form self telling the judge your runner I pleaded not guilty his defense attorneys said three months is enough time to repair for the trial which got as faces second-degree manslaughter charges but graphic aftermath of the shooting went viral on social media followed by a series of peaceful and violent protest AL shock C.B.S. new St. Paul, minnesota, at the C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden cloudy skies going to forty three over nights, history, this week in nineteen ninety five Dusty Springfield tonight after a long battle with cancer and he's fifty nine, am _C_M every game of creature this week in two thousand, three two thousand two diverse deficit of the Orange teaming show we're down and, and this week in two thousand twelve to eighty Jones with the monkey's died at age sixty six after suffering a massive art it's Adam, , americas largest into awarded dog days coming to the Boca knows this much and you're not going to one in this, yeah we're shares used to down one of the many here raising what is not, field us splash of the way, the kids play area, on the, indoor surfing kind of ARI resorts and invention in the, gonna, hope you always today and America's largest in the water pop now. Kyle Lowry resort, dot com, , we very ninety three sixteen, W news turn one forty-two, after traffic and transit on the twos, I'm structure we're going to go Expressway the work in both directions in Philadelphia the spam between thirty history diversity Avenue with a right lane is closed and westbound with wins or are DeMarco Murray drive rate laying construction but no delays this morning about Expressway six seventy six is open and clear through center city, I'm ninety five you're roadwork northbound can Ridley parking four twenty to watch for a lady Mets close no delays, but again it's our bug to connect a bridge of the jersey remains close the Trafford, no delays between Delaware Valley and Morgan sal NE extensions clear, no crumbs into words there were for twenty-two we're clear on the Blue Route and is that jersey No reported problems in a forty-two freeway to ninety five or the jersey terms like an stout jersey, extra, the left instead minutes nine like Langford in this regard financial for Union twenty-four hour traffic centre, , snap them Zant them, hold I'm troubled one, ice rats or other rubies causing you grief get rid of I'm Victor as the brightest most innovative line of road and and insect control products on the market, from our iconic snap traps with the big red Victor three to new products like Victor holds fast your most read and insect problems or a thing of the past there's a reason people interested Victor to get rid of tests for nearly one hundred twenty years because with Victor. It's done, available Walmart, one eight hundred four in Texas and fees on your wireless Bill introducing TD mobile one now attacks in feet included get for alliance for forty bucks outta per month with a lot okay it's what your family afforded Team OHL and you know six hundred dollar previewed car it's going to go refund on the Texans the should pay those other guys last you don't wait visited to mobile store, three percentage eighty users greater than twenty gig abides per month may notice produce beat sales Texan regulatory fees included affected with February charges be a prepaid MasterCard hard see store for details, here's the Eyewitness weather forecast overnight mostly cloudy not as cold low forty three, Tuesday partly sunny warmer scattered showers will develop my sixty four Wednesday mostly cloudy very warm with showers and thunderstorms, hi seventy four Thursday windy cooler clouds breaking for son I fifty-two, Friday blustery with a mix of sun and clouds in light rain snow showers high forty four sided a mostly sunny and called, and a high of thirty nine degrees have to C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden cloudy skies going to forty three over nights, Andrew Miller real quick imply is that he editor's desk, visitors at this hour in or faith leaders are partnering with a Jewish community for a noon time rally Thursday did that it small called stand against Tate, standing unit, against the vandalism that happened to pull Mount Carmel Jewish some METAIRIE. analogy whatever the Sports this Sports reported sponsored by Sceptre, what team you're rooting for always goose after Glenn you're trip it I said to phili dot com here's rub Sherry six is welcome in the Golden State Warriors on Monday night we're looking for their fiftieth win of the season care winners Jon Johnson has a story, by her ran discovery point shooting the Warriors did just enough to take down the Sixers one nineteen to want to wait Monday night here at The Center the backup point game to the first two quarters with Golden State picking a three-point lead into the locker room in the third Warriors with capitalize on six or mistake taking a thirteen point lead into the fourth, in maintaining it comfortable cushion twenty three turnovers by the Sixers Golden State just six of twenty nine from three-point range Daria yard twenty one point seven rebounds and Devin is this for Sean on fifteen off the bench, it dude now drop back-to-back three of four Warriors hit when never fifty on the year reporting from the center John Johnson he would have you news radio tool and beat is now out indefinitely because of swelling on his knees already missed fourteen straight games will have and I'm are I on the Navy, Ben Simmons had a bone marrow injection in his foot to stimulate bone growth an excel or a feeling Andrew Bogut was way by the Sixers Monday came over in the neural as the well trade last week in Clearwater Monday fills loss to the race seven to two McHale Franco knocked in both fills runs with a homer in a single he McCann and likes his approach cares has or more again gap to gap and he's been sticking with that. Very well and, the fact that he is going into the, because I think is result of him trying to stay up the middle and be more patient more selective and we certainly getting results and that's more important in the result, those a knows playing Clearwater Tuesday afternoon new A.P. college basketball Paul has Kansas number one Villanova second you sell like they're gon of the plays at Georgetown Saturday afternoon, in a head to New York next week for the biggest torment Catholic League Championship at people Leicester Monday night, Archbishop would be Newman to ready sixty-five fifty eight there when their first championship in fifty one seasons of Catholic membership from sports radio ninety four WWI pay, Rob cherry on care what W News Radio, thank you Rob up next on here with all the news radio one aspect of the weirdly warm weather gets the seal of approval from a New Jersey wildlife rescue setter we all even line the fact that we have all sections there simply block I'm Molly daylight, he starts, stalled like craziness throws, he is again, that is not, sure, , I mean you know from night, yeah, , , , This is Broadcast Center in Spring Garden cloudy skies going to forty three the overnight, Tuesday partly sunny and warmer with a high of sixty four wins the mostly cloudy very warm some thunderstorms some strong guys before, thursday wouldn't cool with fifteen to agree, at the very in memo stranding center in Bergen team there's not much going on okay way double he's Molly Daily reports that's actually big news bring them will stranding center founding director Bob show Cup says February's normally a busy time averaging ten to fifteen patients instead they're just to both see all the closer whether so mile. I mean through the air for them there's no reason put on the come in because of technician they're all going I Welker right now which is just fine wish, awfully only benign the fact that we have all sections there simply blocked out for the winter months, have to paper storage, rather have that Layton having an old coming at that the nonprofit could still using him yes electric what are girl so we're built everything I'll still have to a we're only looking for contributions not only Danley cable a W Newsradio, for the last three years Sam son has unveiled its flagship phone at the mobile world congress, big tech show going on this week in Barcelona that's so this time around with the company still trying to repair its reputation after the exploding note seven debacle he would double the Czech editor in Bushes more another apology with determined to learn every possible lesson samson's David lows says there working to earn the trust it takes to put their devices back in your head, and like a tablet to take on the I pass gaming on this device is going to truly blow you away Mark not and showing off the galaxy tap this three true to life sin them all quality on a nine point seven him screen flanked by for a cagey tuned speakers, while apples digital pencil is a hundred dollar had on Samsung stylish we decided to put this as an in every boxes also knew excess re coming for the gira b_r or hand-held remote in touch Pat for virtual reality opening up an incredible number of new ways to interact slow says developers are working on your content forward in the controller will come with the. You're headset Ian Bush K whatever the news radio, Mike Patten senior the legendary high school football coach to lead perennial powerhouse Central Bucks West for decades died at the age of seventy six he would at least an amended spoke with one of his former players, that is impact on and off the field it's Mike Penny senior retired from CB West in Doyle town in nineteen ninety nine with three hundred twenty six wins only forty-two losses the further we get away from the time that we played the more we appreciate what coach did for North ten football coach dick back play for ten in the, eighties he says he pushed each player with quote a very positive toughness, I think everybody to play former one-timer another aided, but I think that's what made our love for him so much stronger for state titles but Beck says he put family first and he spent plenty of time in Cleveland when his son a Mike Patten junior became head coach of the Browns in the NFL, so every lost the ball around alright ten times worst a very loss he thought tibia Mendez skit way WWJ News Radio and so they news Governor just the media Monday condemning recent attacks and threats on Jewish people he what W's Chryst enjoy Hansen has more Governor Tomball spoke out about the threats made to to Pennsylvania juice centers and the vendors, listen at Mount Carmel Jiri seven Terry in NE the tough yeah this is an assault on the We Are the traditions the greatest country great and the. We can not have a power went on to call the Ag scour the and said that Pennsylvania is very GS is since was founded on freedom of religion he says state police and the Department of Homeland Security are helping with the investigation into all three threats Chris in Joe Hanson K why WWJ News Radio, play by double, his time one fifty-two, have a traffic and transit, the two, construction we're going to struggle Expressway the work in both directions in Philadelphia the spam between thirty of St. University Avenue with the right lane is closed, and westbound with wins or are DeMarco Murray drive rate laying construction but no delays this morning abide Expressway six seventy six is open and clear through center city, I'm ninety five you're roadwork northbound can Ridley parking four twenty, watch for a lady Mets close no delays, but again it's our bug to connect a bridge of the jersey remains close to traffic no delays between Delaware Valley and Morgan sal NE extensions clear the problems into words there were for twenty-two we're clear on the Blue Route, and it's out jersey No reported drums in the forty-two freeway to ninety five, with the Jersey turned like instead of Thursday, extract got the last ten minutes nine like Langford for twenty for for you, twenty-four hour traffic, This is C.B.S. three meteorologist Kate buy low mostly cloudy and not as cold overnight with a low of forty three free Tuesday partly sunny turning warmer with scattered showers developing CHI sixty for Wednesday's mostly cloudy and a very warm high seventy for the records. Seventy six, which I was an thunderstorms around some of the storms could be locally strong or sieve year Thursday's win be in much cooler with clouds breaking for son the high fifty-two Friday's blustery and Chili even some light rain and snow showers around high forty four and Saturday's high just thirty nine despite sunshine much cooler air by the weekend, download the Eyewitness weather app for updates any time search came by W whether in the app's store or Google Play that this C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden cloudy skies going to forty three over nights the Pentagon as finished its thirty day review ordered by President Trump one help to Defeat ISIS and few details had been released off so the Pentagon calls the, Glenn pro limit airy and the framework cap did you have Davis Also said he does define what defeating ices meets it is about the rapid defeat of ISIS it's a broad planned that includes intelligent cyber in diplomacy and goes beyond Iraq in Syria, president Trump a said he wanted excel are rated effort against the group but that could include some tough choices putting more us troops on the ground and cooperating with the current switch turkey strongly opposes, cathy McCormick C.B.S. news the Pentagon are doctors and hard patients are being warned you should talk to each other about for bowl medications you take some kind of verbal medicine or dietary supplement one of five people will during their lives. But there isn't a lotta regulation so there affects andor safety are rarely proven for that reason if you have a heart disease and take some kind of these medications, you should tell your doctor and your doctor should study up on them so they can talk to the patients with some knowledge, that's the message coming today from the American college of cardiologist, Mike sugar MIN C.B.S. news, phillies knew was radio station with better variety and your commercial today's ninety six five and down Bruno Mars, Perry Justin Timberlake and more there are on today's ninety six five with better variety and fewer commercials, another two I don't believe Business report here's Jeff they'll injured Bloomberg Business, president Trump addresses a joint session of Congress downed investors will be very interested and what he has to say about taxes trade and regulations, the president's of the Federal reserve banks of San Francisco Kansas City Philadelphia and St. Louis have public appearances scheduled for today Jonathan GAA love of our be see capital markets is among those will be listening for hints about monetary policy, he talk to Bloomberg radio about the downside of low interest rates it's been damaging for example to people who are in retirement or planning for retirement and a causes them to do something really does it was to save even more money because they can get any kind of return on their assets and column says low Raides have not spurred business investment.