Teen Suicide On The Rise: Is Cyberbullying To Blame?

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in the wake of new details that suicide risen to the sound get leading cause of death among young people, the American Academy A.P. after exist urging P.D. attractions to screen there patients for suicidal Fox and risk factors, Brandon Campbell has more to report titled suicide in two aside attention adolescence updates in American Academy of pediatric report from two thousand seven when suicide was the third leading cause of death for people age fifteen ten nineteen the new research list Bullying an internet use as big risk factors for that age group, doctor Benjamin Shane of North Shore University helped system is lead author of the report he says online bowling can be as serious as space to face Bullying, only victims and Billy perpetrators are affected and the group that's affection below is in the group but nations, perpetrators have, highest increasing have not Mel health and sharing the change, doctor Shane says one of the best ways for parents to help prevent youth suicide, this to talk openly and calmly with their kids