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Listen: "People watched the Super Bowl and the TV rating was a forty seven and a half"

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Mike Lawrie
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Some of them are so crazy what color will be on saves footwear be what song will cold play play first what you know what color we'll lick would be that is poured in the when he coached again or aid crazy things some of the ones that I find interesting that I like one of the profits is how many million viewers will Superbowl fifty have over under a hundred and seventeen million last year it was a hundred and fourteen and a half a million people watched the Super Bowl and the TB rating was a forty seven and a half the Over Under this year is one seventeen million and forty eight to have put the Nielsen ratings I'm going over on both I think that TB viewing for this game is a huge one thing mostly I think there's a lot of young fans are love Cam Newton he's a very popular player and the way he got for the new school fans got Cam Newton but the old-school fans yeah Peyton Manning plus the story about came Peyton Manning may playing his last game could be good to go out a Super Bowl win you know listen he's a not huge television markets from an NFL's perspective is not a New York team or a Boston TE were Chicago team or you know California team it in the mix of city of San Francisco something it's a of Philadelphia whatever is not one of the big it's that neither of these two teams from the biggest TB markets however I think they're both popular in a fell teams are the Denver because of Peyton Manning mostly an and the Panthers because of Cam Newton So I think you'll be a a huge d be ready for this game I think it will be close to fifty and I think they'll be all about a hundred twenty million people that watched the game I mean these you know who knows how accurate those numbers are exactly but so I go off the old from all those I think the betting on a coin toss a stupid but you know I listen this this stats for everything right I'm but some of the interesting prospects that prot that's the and I give you a guy like for the first touchdown scoring obviously you're Cam Newton Greg Olsen Jonathan Stewart some those guys of the favorites you got will further down the board that I like to be a superb you know like out of a more long shot first touchdown scored guy Mike Tolbert Carolina's full back but sixteen the one I kind of like him also Devan fun just to twenty one for Carolina I was talking to my body up all this year from prediction machine on Friday prediction machine dot com he likes there's a proper that over under a half a yard rushing for Peyton Manning now Peyton Manning had I think it had a run for like twelve thirteen yards last week but sides that he's never even until last week he had not rushed for a single yard it not had again with positive yardage the entire season so the under a happy yard Payton is likely not to run at all both yet but how about this one because is easy Monday the West eyesore at the number was one to have Hamby time to Archie Manning be shown on the TV's during the broadcast that's easy over easy over on the money right there easy over your right I do like that one as well yes all that one that's true it's an easy over I can imagine a lot on twice that's an easy has Jim then stable she ending family that's a lock but now odds to win the NB pre to me I mean that want to quarterbacks probably wins it so you mean it's a waste the to bet on Cam Newton does the odds are amidst less than even money that's a way so I mean if somebody's going a long shot candidate or longer shot Canada medium shot it Greg Olsen a twenty two to want is a good is a good one I think now you want to go really long shot Oh man out your to go really long shot I give you are RE Eichel Devin Funchess in a hundred one you talk in almost off the board I have a feeling he's going to have a good game young receiver played well second half of the year.