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Pearl Harbor: USS Detroit Veteran Remembers The Blast That Took Out The USS Arizona

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 while you're below deck, care to let that any addition you mentioned here in the different things happening in and you her the explosions that took down the Arizona fro the Arizona that that was a mighty when did you help us to understand what that did to your shift to those men. To what your mindset now became in the wake of the surprise attack to get angry it motivated did you notice something different about your ship afterwards I really had so little social contact the light can give you anything more than my own sure feelings that a feeling that I well that I said it was coming and it it knew that much I just with my life award whatever they did what arose supposed to do that the best level of the did have to ask for the transfer in order to get promoted, so that's what what to the previous overly that as for the spirit of the of the middle of the ship to have no recollection move for relating sure oh I understand it and I'm sure you know I have to ask you because you know it did have such an impact on the nation. That rallying cry of remember Pearl Harbor and even that this on is no that became popular with something that that galvanized not just a Navy but the entire nation so I was just curious how that works for you, motivated you to fight this war and most of the fate of this because I just said well I joined the need to do with the told me to do and if it said to fire gonna would is they told me that they all the couple asleep, it is a do that in the disturbing notions for you psychologically of his philosophical bullets were few and for between.