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Listen: John Kasich: "If I'd dropped out before Ohio, you know where this thing would be?"

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Chip Somodevilla
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Arizona but we didn't and will play in in Utah today we're up been was in Minnesota earlier today we're now in Wisconsin I'm looking forward to Pennsylvania I was a several visits to Pennsylvania will be getting extended New Jersey New York will be getting to California week we don't intend to do anything other than computer obstacle last questioning Devan if they go to Wisconsin April the fifth that's the big deal and if you end up with thirty and Ted Cruz end up with thirty and doll jump end up with forty will you have been defeating your own effort to get to unopened conventions well I don't think so too because I agree there were people that wanted to get me out before I go dropped out before I know you know where this thing would be jump would be in I'm not running against Donald Trump by writer for junk a second.