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Listen: "For every million light years of just dense galaxies are receding thirteen miles per second faster"

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Things that we encounter you've been to visit a mountain Observatory in the NBA's where scientists can collect light from galaxy center mind-boggling distances from us Rushing away from us what what have you found there well be most exciting area of study perhaps wasn't the greatest distances from last where objects are receding faster and faster you're America we like to use some miles still so no excuse me if some sort of speaking him a kilometers from the metric figures stuffed the whole world unison scientifically we often think in terms of miles on the should do so for every million light years of just dense galaxies are receding thirteen miles per second faster and but since the galaxies are not just millions but billions of writers just adds up and take it to the rather magical distance of about thirteen of fourteen billion Myers away at which point galaxies receive up to speed of right and beyond that there's no possible way to see them there still there and they're still expanding but they're like can't ever reach us well not everything you've studied here is about speed Bob but some of its about how things move there's a very well known story that water in a drain or a toilet will swirl in opposite directions depending on whether you're in the Northern or in the Southern Helmis here this is called the Correa lists affect and you've been to be a quieter where you witnessed the demonstration of this maybe Maybe you could briefly described that well The Dow in Ecuador in Quito the main City which was directly on the quieter the government has set up demonstrations where tourists gather waters poured into a base end and one conceded swirling down the clock rise fashion and a bit patient as dragged across the seek waiter La Limas painted on the ground they have also music and celebrations the new quite is a big deal down there and on the other side of the line the water swirl around the opposite direction of course terrorists the sped it's all fake it's all a hoax because the way they do it is based simply used a bucket but they filled about a certain way.