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WWII Naval Aviator: How I Crash-Landed A Burning Plane

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Keystone Fred Ramage
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 mentioned injuries from a plane crash most people don't have that experience have you had more than one of those experiences are what's going you're referring to the only one that I really crash I I have some very interesting some and when they're plane back when, and we both engines on fire and this was far ahead and in after learned which lose the only you one of the time and with the and this long round the world where the tradition loss easing love Americans in the last six years planes in rule to it double. Fire and here it happened to me with it always bailout ahead let vaccine you check the brand that you know what causes correctly this we had a war, and what were the extent of your streets will have eleven were to bring the right only eleven, yeah so you had your back seeders usethe checked yes you stayed with the airplane just because you thought if anyone to pull that off I can there was no lose the because my training one of this line and I'm evil do man to a state with that I still have the option is something seven happen like to be checked. But a flute aboard a I didn't want it to in danger in hospitals in schools and all that so just go that till gov act for the biggest city started fine as a pilot World War Two, three of the Cold War Vietnam War in all the time and you have a favorite aircraft if with I didn't like to put dollars airplane the fate their chat with that so much power that list i mean and then the next thing was in the Jets with after printers, one of the the most exciting here plans are from the SE this a and another question that comes to mind and all the time and you made reference to growing up in the nuclear a it's their Nagasaki after that impact here around it's Nevada when they're testing dogs about the Pacific