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Listen: "I certainly would vote for her over donald trump"

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Mark Wilson
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Completely dedicated to overcome whatever obstacle there are and while i don't like her personally i certainly would vote for her over donald trump when i guess what she hands in a single in given the limitations and it is a bit of a positon made of trying to figure out why such an accomplished public seven and with such in a uniquely qualified resume for national politics minimize presidents don't have any mean little to no experience frankly when they come in and brock abound that was an example of that bet you know it would seem to me that's the people she's a round of the self with the when the problem is in maybe the problem isn't choice of these people because somebody is not serving how well when you talk about all these gaps you know the light latest one of the of covering up i really onus which was a stupid thing to do seemed like a stop problem more than the candidate itself well i down except that the crisis if she's going to be presidents good decisions our her responsibility not her staff and i can't imagine that that email decision or the non disclosure out for among your were not decisions that she had her tambi n and def i think she has a history of not being can did not trusting the media being very controlling and and constantly shooting yourself in the foot the trying to control quickness that that's it and the fact firing honor and that's what you have to take it is the teach him as best to per cent of well and there's a large part of bad and and having talk to a variety of people here in ohio and down in florida we were in not clearwater beach over the winner and i like to walk on the beach and when you're out walking on the beach in a bathing suits that you tend to run into a variety of people and they don't know really who you are and you don't know who they are and i had some very candid conversations with people about politics and the fact of the matter is bad he people may respect kurt experience and maybe may respect heard dedication but they do like kirk personality and she obviously can't change that and it boyle that persona down to feature nose at best well she does had the some pretty good sarah gets it looks like he's gonna need them i mention the benes hands going to be campaigning for an hour high o i think president obama i think is worse night managers the idea that his legacy would be destroyed by donald trump i think it genuinely is terrified at that prospect of not just his own legacy being describe it donald trump becoming the present and i state since bombers meaning that the two thames and knows what the job and tying goals and how manifest on qualified trump is but yet not none of the seems to get a crossed doesn't i mean.