Oops, Wrong Runway: WWII Pilot Recalls Trying To Land His Damaged Plane At An Enemy Airbase

Launder, Richard

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 longer hit his targets but the Japanese anti aircraft gunners hit his play, I was hit, somewhere, probably a triple-double Dyar, are they, the last one, other than Moya line demise, edge and then there was engine, hornets, everything, I knew I was going to be at home the latter of last night's win over, the airport, volley, took that four, for some reason, so I let quite will down and I was good, on the runways, he is, not ready to settle down, and landed where they're zero, Parise went five five, right shied Furkan no Schneider this trip, S.I. realized there and know that I was on, all those year racking up and Decker down the runway when Smoker going out there, yes and not are shot was Flyers, why, because they probably thought I was in the other zeroes coming back, we'd look like one had done, so they didn't shoot Richard couldn't make a back to his field so he dips to start bummer, I got a fifty mile took the Coalition crashed into the Indian notion fan was home across your out of the volatile S.N.