Listen: "It's Manning second ranked"

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Kevin C. Cox
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Fisher Adams he's got to command the offense a little bit does get the job to the playoffs they beat the Steelers they beat the Patriots they're going to the Super Bowl they beat Karolina it's a defensive oriented team it doesn't matter because it's Manning second ranked and anybody will tell you a lot of people have one not a lot of people have to and I hate to say this but Manning's overall legacy all of the statistics own the touchdown passes hole in the win all of the playoff appearances all of that success he had with two franchises and many different coaches mind you all came down to well he's only got one way his brother is got two the Bulls save Manning didn't need that second ranked hogwash he needed that second ranked because there are critics of every player in everybody's life in everybody's profession is always going to be a critic and those critics were vocal about Peyton Manning in his lack of hardware despite the five in the Peas the countless Pro Bowls the playoff appearances that's second ring was vitally important we'll continue to talk about Manning's legacy music the best ever next no matter what I go presents sharing vs. oversharing o'day rigid Griffin shared a video over daily yogurt OT to self-help articles and are new blog called build your in OF it's the bridge girl your staring is third in that oversharing no worries bridge guy go hasn't him well worth sharing with your seven blog followers like how you can save money on your car insurance update your policy and reported claimed just by visiting a guy go dot com how's that for building your enter bridge threads fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance here are owners James and Sherry Green available on a hard doesn't.