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Listen: Has now gone up to one point five billion dollars

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Ramin Talaie
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Has now gone up to one point five billion dollars an if you want to improve your odds you in your friends can pony up five hundred eighty four million dollars to buy every possible number combination but you still may come up short the drawing and remember the few win you still got a pay the taxes and if you split it you got a split an your odds Tony may Anna of winning one point one billion dollars billion dollar power i am pretty good one in two hundred ninety two million okay so you're say and there's a chance to take the other one well they know this one in two hundred ninety billion well now you said one point five billion I mean the book billion right what play five one point four billion I once again now now 1 1 5 9 years old an ongoing him I think it's today thank you better Live in local news with Matt it did use here at KMJ look at a Wall Street number is not a big is they were earlier though the Dow is that 19 the NASDAQ increased by 30 at S and P five hundred plus five gets a forecast for today sunny in nine looks like there's a brain although I meteorologist Kevin Ramo on the way Fresno Sporting News.