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Listen: "Hail mary passes from Aaron Rodgers"

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Gregory Shamus
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Coming up with something that my mom considered to be readable here are just some of the things that I will remember about this year now I came out with three major ways that I will remember the two thousand eighteen season but I'm only those off on the give you some of the minor things that even as I was typing popped in my brain hail mary passes from Aaron Rodgers all the backup quarterbacks we had fending teams use at least three quarterbacks and as you know I've I've said this that bad nauseum to you throughout the season nineteen of thirty two teams used multiple quarterbacks because of injury are ineptitude that the nerd alert for the ages nineteen So the Year of the backup quarterback to be sure a plethora of backup key piece the new P a key role and I feel like weekly adventures in taking every week the devastate to the Cowboys of course the broken collar bone with Tony Romo not once but twice the rise of the Redskins and Kirk Cousins to is tactically or free agent but there's no way the Redskins let him walk the emergence of win for the Mariota no Isaac highlighted that last our and eleven game win streak how often does that happened in the about not very often we actually to love then this year at least eleven but the Kansas City Chiefs arising from the ashes like a Phoenix with after being one in five and losing Jamaal Charles another rushing title for Adrian Peterson you can say that's not a big deal but this guy's thirty and that is Ray era in NFL's history and also that the dazzling beaten strength from Antonio Brown uno be Jay in some of the others how about the playoff finishes for the Vikings in Seahawks with the Blair Walsh missed field goal and then Vonn days perfect Adam Jones the Jeremy Hill fumble at the Bengals had taken the lead against the Steelers overtighten between the Packers and the Cardinals we got a lot that we can take away have all those are even my top three actually that many of my top five I still have a top-five but I want to hear from you what will you remember about the two thousand and fifteen and up healthy sent it after hours with a new Lawrence CBS Sports Radio.