Listen: "Isaiah Thomas led the Celtics with 32 points"

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Jason Miller
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Phoenix Peter scored three Star Miami a silver chose to the Pelicans Isaiah was likewise a pleasure gets the other ran off Court when him link to the ground I need to take over Grammy in center Maxwell the Pelicans won all four ninety-seven Isaiah Thomas but the Celtics for thirty-two points elsewhere Clippers ninety-one The Lakers anyone Blazers over the Thunder one twenty-one fifteen rockets eighty-six the Hornets speak the next one eleven ninety-seven Pacers cavaliers one twenty-three one or nine LeBron James took the night off it was the Wizards over the Mets won twenty-one one oh three pistons one away magic one oh for seventy Sixers GM and present a basketball operations Stan Hickey announced his resignation the Sixers will reportedly hire Brian college awoke to be their next GM the former Jazz head coach and Hall of Famer Jerry Sloan told the Salt Lake he has Parkinson's disease and Louis Friday dementia.