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Listen: Joe Piscopo: "We could give Donald Trump his whole Cabinet from this radio show, and I'm not bragging"

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Ramin Talaie
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Not that they're going to listen the folks that come on The Show that I keep don't you back colonel check Jacob set that Donald Trump himself mention Medal of Honor recipients to help with the military initiative Gordon Chang help would North Korea beating the Vero the last week that we Wickey give Donald Trump is all cabinet from this radio show and I'm not playing and I media Frankie five boroughs credit for that for bring these great people onto the show and will make this work together like Theo you when I hear chatting in the morning and we have made the change and I feel small little responsibility for the change and I think we keep continue on making the change and I think we could do it here ankle yo and not gonna vilified Senator Cruz and and you know did showcasing his Nike thinking Nealy from another planet now what is it staying in this race but what you know but let's hit the professes eight of going to come out of the moment we'd like yeah gazing very smart made it a good but we but the does legs Ackley stake in the race we can't quite figured out what a the Lord and Bernie winning many got a You got but you know all of it all of which just pales in comparison.