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Others use the opportunity to criticize president donald trump WOMEN'S RIGHTS

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Pascal Le Segretain
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That down sample with into their views on women's rights mostly also to say they won't run as the gender going challenge estimated have million in washington years jamie you could i see of protestors and picked hats and signs with creative slogans supporting women's issues film threes in the nation's capital like the most important man i think of fly drones hey and then get we are banner unified then we are divided others use the opportunity to criticize president donald trump i d after he was sworn in office i think of bring awareness four hundred thousand in new york summon st paul minnesota to including jen johnson i feel really inspired i'm how did land in and they were people are showing off complete is going going again it's just can't do it anymore so that they can that's why i'm here and the wind how's numbers became the story press secretary sean spice or send pictures in the media showing fewer people of the trump an on your ration in.