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Dita Von Teese Shares Why She Loves The Iconic Hollywood Glamour

DIta Von Teese is an American burlesque dance, model and costume designer as well as a style icon for many artists, photographers and designers. She shares shares what made her ..

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"I just always felt like I didn't have a lot of role models of beauty that I could relate to, you know there's so much emphasis on natural beauty"

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Okay so now you're this good Midwest girl and you've got strawberry blonde hair and you know, when you would be like aware that life was around, that idols were not Betty Grable, Gene Tierney, all those women, so what was it that made you such, so interested in like the iconic Hollywood glamour? - Well my mother likes watching classic films in the 30's, 40's, 50's and so I grew up watching those and I, I mean feeling like that was normal, like that's what ladies look like and I didn't really think about it as being another era or women don't dress like that anymore, they don't wear their hair like that anymore, I was just like I'm going to be like that when I'm old enough to pick out my own clothes and when I'm old enough to like wear make-up, that's what I'm going to be like. So I think it started really young and then as I grew older I started understanding more, that that was a creative look, it's a look that you decide for yourself. - Sure. - People are in color now. - That's true. - Well I mean I love technicolor, it was actually my favorite era of film. - Beautiful. - It was like the technicolors, so it was like watching cartoons, they lit up the screen. So, I think, you know, as I grew older, I kind of you know, I was a dish water blonde from a farming kind of Michigan and not very very shy. - Really? - And I wanted to be a ballerina, then I realized that the reason I wanted to be a ballerina was because I wanted to wear all that make-up and those you know, I wanted to wear tutus and point-shoes and pretty you know, I want to be, I want to be on stage. - You were like with a little ballet company til you were like 15. - Yeah. - I guess that's where you said. - I was not a very good ballet dancer though. - But you still go on point for some of your photographs and stuff. - Yes, I do, I just you know, I realized though that I got all these elements of being a ballerina that I wanted, just in a different way. I created my own way by making burlesque shows. - Yeah. - You know, it was like I got all the cool parts about that, like the flowers and the champagne, the stage lighting and the fancy outfits and the make up. So yeah, I just always felt like I didn't have a lot of role models of beauty that I could relate to, you know there's so much emphasis on natural beauty, you know. - Right. - And you know, how young you are and are naturally with no make-up. You know, like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is like the thing that's kind of like the standard for beauty really, and for Victoria Secret, and I don't feel like, I never felt like i could relate to those girls but I could look to the past and it was something more about the creation and I liked lingerie cuz you could accentuate or hide things and it's really about manipulating, cultivating an image that is different.