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Listen: "What is the resolution for your team, well as the Broncos fan"

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Jason Miller
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And of course on Twitter at a la radio what is it the resolution for your team well as the Broncos fan I'll speed for me personally after Peyton Manning retired so there's no Peyton under center and now knowing that Brock Osweiler and the Broncos are currently negotiating Mike Barrett and there have been offers exchanged but according to multiple reports it's not as though there really close to shot a new deal and of course if you are representing Osweiler and you are an agent who understand that climate for quarterbacks right now of course you're listening to offers from other teams now year the games that we know better in search of I clear-cut starter to man options already but they're not what they want to do by their own admission we mention the Browns alright we know that the Browns still have Josh McCown of course he went there multiple injuries last year even older quarterback but when he was on the field he was he was good enough for the Browns and you have Josh McGahee held a here we're more worried about the other pieces here not as worried about he'd be but is he going to be healthy one they get the Draft the Forty Niners this is why they are not conceding.