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Listen: Seventeen percent chance the US will enter the recession this year

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Based on the news about what what's happening McCoy what's happening in China more women behind the reason the this oil price collapse happened is he appeared to be did demand for oil odd China slow down exactly the same kind of exactly the same time did the supply have oil increasing especially you know in the US where they've gotten really really I really gonna producing oil and in places like North Dakota had done the oil coming out and you had China buying less and then that the party will lead the deprives crash and so now the question is you know in the stock market minute continued all make worried about will you know how US company and do with the week China or people are gonna say well you know why did the man on the rack trade name on a backstory me sexy does China's is quite a small it's it's it's it's not clear yet in flavors yeah we speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Zoom Britain is pieces gold global delays Spurs US growth worries a while I thought of these were the startling number in you're story this Wait a survey of economist at the journal did said seventeen percent chance the US will enter the recession this year yeah so on the one hand that's about a one in six chance it's not it's not certainly not day prediction that it's definitely going that happened but it's alarming we I mean this is the highest did that the group that we we we've done this early monthly three years in years in the highest did that and odd today placed on a recession inn about three years and said he think bad to what things like gaine twenty twelve he had a huge amount of fun certainty about what congress is going to do you had a big debt crisis thinking you up in the dimensions that one clear and when they're not that didn't mean it should put the US and so you know the pretty concerning time then tyranny economies not particularly strong and then mean and our back at that those kinds of levels addressed its it certainly something that it's worth paying attention to human is most economist don't think said they would likely scenario is world will be of this survive this you know speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Zoom bring these pieces gold global delays Spurs US growth worries big time this is this is not like Marco volatility we we win the things he said repeatedly in the past five years supplies it but he said What kind of tried to they would get away from one and their stimulus programs and then that the market would not respond very well the economy would not respond very well then so they would go back down and they would they would do another ran the stimulus so they would do they would say today baby keep interest rates really World Service or even longer and so one and I think it could it could happen on this and I think it away physical on the that did the change course you know the fed raise interest rates in December but the first time in almost a decade then in this situation you know really deteriorate did that may have to rethink whether notice that rate increases appropriate it you know at some point they might even think about when he made in Reno lowering rates read it and then then continuing the rate them it's it's certainly thrown a lot of uncertainty and how about what was the point you made the story to about the US having more than a hundred million people working in service industries why they're irrelevant yeah so one of the things it she made about the US I think a lot of people don't realize this is a big United States compared to almost any other country in the world is not in too.