Listen: "He felt the pitch on his mustache"

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Lisa Blumenfeld
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But it can seem like that seems like he finished every game I ever watched him play I back to your Yankees now and let's talk about the Goose Goslin she was one of the game's great great relievers and he had a moment in the World Series with my Dodgers in a guy by the name a Ron save on think anybody's going to forget yeah that that was at Dodger Stadium and that in the film and who talked about eight our first chapter in the film is about because hey guarantee that he was the nastiest he averaged eight and thank here in says that you just but in the bank this team and Andy Murray talking about who said you know what his windup but yet such a violent delivery and he twisted in an an his is glove and was flying all over the place you don't the ball you know some guys you can pick it up before they relief but he had no idea where the ball is with boos you could You just you just Crane each there in the bad about this Brady at home plate windup because there was nothing you can do he didn't An and in as run say learned the hard way fortunately yeah he didn't get you know seriously hurt but I remember everybody Hart stopped and it was just like oh my god did a killer man but yeah that was that was the deuce in and you know one thing that with made me about beat Hall of Famers we interviewed about twenty Hall of Famers in the film as well as a lot of the top players today and the fear the current guys don't admit to it but the older guys do that they did here that you get in that Fox against Nolan Ryan Bob Gibson Goose Gossage or even Doc Gooden Andy Murray talked about he felt in this one he felt the pitch on his mustache it will be the ball he said did you know the win in the head so that's the scary moment right there you know they talk.