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So I tried coming for help but you know when could hear me, as I lay there I couldn't help I think of my kids and grandkids having to go on without me, I was terrified, it took eight hours from I never to find me it could have been the end of me, that's what I knew I needed life alert, with just one precipice button, I'm connected to the like alert Center, where I can get to help by Nate even when I cannot reach a phone, with like alert I'm never along for free like Fuller pro sure call eight hundred six three five four nine nine three, that's eight hundred six three five four nine nine three, call now at eight hundred six three five four nine nine three to get a FREE THROW surer eight hundred six three five four nine nine three, so I'm with you know, , , investors, , the crowd is just, , when Hanley, recommended you don't feel better pivotal tool, what was a good to invest was the, , thanks for being with us today, I appreciate your time, oh wait, we know you have choices if you do not get the show new city go to Gary Kate got comp, you can listen live or or cause I put alive six oh six P.M. even eastern time Monday through Friday also carry came dot com you can follow me on Twitter just press about a Twitter carry call from you can email me just be nice. We are commentary article the post routes or they do so that they all that stuff today if you wanna get we're doing my thing about your to press the money management but persistence brought button if you'd like our notes directing impress the consulted but if you about yourself for others, and all that crap all, and whatever also Gary Kate got Combat also said to, , for today's closed, super Bowl, Market Wrap, , Watson, it assessment this models dot com that's to more about what a great market Timeless, no gray years with the man you're either in or out of the market was proprietary indicators go check it out, investment the best bottles dot com by the way, I could do so, much better sport show than most of the radio sports guys out there just so you know, I am elude attack on Sports, , now down nineteen us to be down for Naz back down to knows that one hundred up six the socks was up three transport down, I'm just not a lot of movement in the market success eleven eighteen advance to climb New York eleven eighteen on the best backs So underneath the surface was worse, the small caps admit caps much much worse than the large caps comeback, in the doubt, apple up a buck in a quarter but we got the puck inept, united took up the bucket, down was told depth oh bucket, United health a buck forty that's it for the movies that that. I got out, seven hundred emails over the weekend about apples, okay baby was about ten, here's my thoughts, , who went every you get, a, big name Graham, , it's good to should all named capping up like that, , usually worst the shot, now you never know what shapes and sizes it comes from, or happens, wentz something gaps up, something, next, get it, putting him and you know little flat action or example sometimes little pull back a little bit, and then breakout, sometimes they don't give you a chance, gap, and then goes up the next day in the next day, I've seen that before and some so I don't, and the and basically you have a my deal when something fails where I'm, let's say it's something gaps up from fifteen to sixty, and all that date gaps up it opens at fifty nine close at sixty two, if it breaks below fifteen alright it starts filling the gap, you know that's what you really got a like okay you know you, maybe it's just not going to happen, I've seen some times where fills the gap of the turns backup but you but you really want to see the ones that you so good power, , , after a couple of days they start on the move, so just what you know bowl did it and is starting to edge out a little bit doesn't mean doesn't dropped five tomorrow would just let you know from the point if you today. Visa, just had that nice little gap, of resistance somewhat of a breakaway cap on volume with some pretty good numbers by the way, watch in that one and we Ertz you to do the same thing also great reactions to earnings are up, good way to go, otherwise, not much else to report today financials mostly read the I did notice Goldman was up a couple of but finish down I don't think that's a big deal they had a big move, on Friday, , and this it was long as they were made above the fifty they and not breaking down, all well and good, and then mostly everything else, somewhat of nondescript extra, the Orioles were sent today, next step the Orioles, worst until but, so just like you know, the Orioles worsened could, and we our best advice on the oil so it's just a way right now, , in fact, they feel lower with talk in the stocks here, you look at the oil service who's, patterns that's not bowl legend, I mean yeah big boil not bullish and, the oil Explorers, polish, so we would just that Goff, and now leap the Oilers alone, the goal so had a very strong day-to-day, and the best way I can remember we told you they moved the back above moving, average is, they've been it should be higher up but not a lot of I gotta tell you that was a lot of volume today but gold moved above let's see one to three week. Little three week range, on, over moved up up a little bit Or range, and the Colts Cox edge higher above ranged can today, so, it, again very tough to gauge recovery rallies, but once they broke back above the fifteen day which is about four weeks ago, they just but, quietly etching up not big gains but now starting to get a little mustard behind that so it just like you know won the Golden so far, little bit better today it was really know what do stumble from accepted, they were bought up how's that, , think stick it out today, I'll do a little one by one here, on Tesla, how does a report for a couple weeks, it should above a little bit of resistance here but acting really well as of late there, they would lose a lot of money but at a pretty good quarter, and think September quarter we'll see what's up next, some of the Chinese eighteen or the, have a good day today, answering a little bit higher, not much to really, to be this script the vibe, but it would you go look at the Chinese eighty yards and you'll see a few with these things look like they may want to etch out, and that, one of those games where, not a lot to reports, we film, red again today, we've been told you void The retail up Bio Tech so little bit Green today, think but getting a little bit better but nope. What I Cole of extra sacks, am Jim, kept up but earnings but into a massive resistance areas, where are typically the people who bought their months ago affecting the lower at their back to even so they so that's why the Rockets resistance, I'd have, watch list as it's settles down a little bit one thing sixty level and see what happens over the next couple weeks, but over all, most of the pile attacks, be so, the and, , I think so, , , it wasn't any weekend, that would be a chaos agent to new word, and I got some emails on retail, I wouldn't Kuch one of them right now, so we'll talk of department stores Apparel, you know the bit targets them to work strums that Hillary and they're going to bounced here and there every now and then it just been pretty darn good down trends, and there's some theme going on right now, about the knee, , big box, you know have to go to the store, retail names, well also led Clearwater it the Amazon still love the pressure here I would just avoid the second even though, overall, it's kind of just the pull back, and not be into the world and punish Amir turn bases short-term basis definite distribution but a longer term basis, but looked up but, an above the fifty they and who goal, after Rich raw pretty nicely on earnings, still hold the fifty They also, on both those names as long as the fifty day moving average holds. They stay on radar, , they break, , they go off radar, , and that's the way we roll, , so we coverage football we covered Trump but I'm sure about to get some, the Bills from the Trump stories but tough, we don't see it was Donald Trump we see it was the president at all we care about is policy that the living get policy through, and policies backs, and the, , the ability of this country, full our rush, that's what the edge, four, this is that he of the third, whatever else, from Gary, this is the one goalie best reserved, , Gary called on Tuesday to nationally syndicate of radio show investors edge, we're not just handsome Radio people we manage investors money for eleven specializing Steve based discretion every money management, no big conditions Justin see on the essence that's manage we also provide a full range of person I services including retirement planning for sixteen come and pitch occasional needs older with this to an intriguing, your financial goal is understanding not all individuals up the, needs to it, carefully evaluating personal goals to determine a proper investment strategy, if you're coming approach to investing is not getting used to winning with like to be call is to make an appointment for complementary portfolio review the number to call is eight eight eight three or two two five five five nine that's eight eight eight, four to two five five five nine. 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Friday caught some business do little, , over it Fox, and the, he my parents on so, , , the really the year already had that the yesterday Chris football season is over, I was very mediocre in my fantasy league this year, so, I think I got a pretty toward good team but you know, you need there's nothing you can do about injuries and my number one pick went down for the season and Adrian Peterson, turns out the pick I, took Adrian Peterson I was the sight of between heavens, Zeke Elliott's, they could make the right Kirk, , my goodness gracious, well wasn't there, , so we can find tonight, again the and the C's didn't do too much as a bro, but has bro on your watch list, spot gaps up well Bucs getting ninety four big breakaway cap but I have a sneaking suspicion of me so this is what makes it around a little but you never know, let's see if I was bro Ha yes that's a throughout they stay but there's leap sprints Jess is, so very well for that, has broke, winner that that, yes, legend up six, , are three of or price line which you know to run that to me is one of those Chinese names, I learned, and video with the two seven video in total surgical by do another Chinese eight the art, it's not needs to break through that one in the area close one seventy eight why.