Listen: "Five hundred thirty-nine passing touchdowns all-time leader on the NFL"

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Doug Pensinger
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Two Super Bowls four trips to the games biggest game five time NFL and they pay iran through the stats earlier in terms of five hundred thirty-nine passing touchdowns all-time leader on the NFL seventy one thousand nine hundred forty passing yardage and of all-time leader quarterback wins won eighty six tied with Brett Farve a remarkable impactful brilliant NFL career that rightfully so comes to an end tomorrow because he can play the game like he once did and you don't like to see the Heroes the guys you rooted for eight times rooted against arm football Sundays because you're scared of his brilliance or were enamored with his brilliance you don't want to see them go out where their skills are so diminished but if younger football fan saying what is the big deal about this guy he ain't that good and that's the vibe you start to get the feel about Peyton Manning is the way that he was playing and is inability to go out there and dominate the game the marred was still there physically the body could no longer follow and happens everybody it happens to everybody Father Time is undefeated it no longer do the things at thirty-nine years of age city can do a twenty-four that's just a matter of fact brilliance said day for the NFL one of the faces of the league for the last eighteen years is call it a career on Monday well the NFL be able to bounce back from it certainly they will where the reigning still be their next year unquestionably will what's next for Peyton Manning it's interesting I mean doesn't want to go on the broadcast booth I'm sure if he does Foxx CB asked the S P and if Peyton Manning wants to be a broadcaster next year I mean Peyton Manning to be a broadcaster next year I don't know if he does does he want to be an executive like John Elway rumours rumblings that indeed that is what something that would be of interest to Peyton Manning I don't know what's next for Peyton will start to learn that starting tomorrow at his press conference but for today it's about really honoring a man with a brilliant NFL career first ballot Hall of Famer set records they're going to be very very difficult to topple and his impact on the game is some question and deserves to be in the conversation as one of the greatest quarterbacks the sport has ever seen and for the National Football League it's a sad day it five five two one-two four CBS eight five five two one-two four two two seven what is your biggest memory of Peyton Manning what will you remember Manning for the most I ask you right here on CBS sports radio.