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Listen: "Michigan State tries to take its claim for a number one seed in the NCAA field"

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Mike Lawrie
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Always give us a call eight five five two one two four CBS so without further ado top related sports update areas Ron flatter phoenix play one number two Michigan State tries to take gets blamed for a number one seed in the NCAA field it will be in the championship of one of the last conference tournaments to be played before that fielders revealed in six hours if we're going to try to make a run we got to get better to things we didn't do well enough so we're going to keep address in and ceiling keep pushing forward coach Todd is so ahead of the Spartans Big Ten finale today in Indianapolis against Purdue televised in three and a half hours on CBS at Nashville it may not believe that while kind of cat team that went on a long undefeated run to the final four last year but Kentucky will be playing again for the FCC tournaments championship I think us in Texas and they were fighting for good seen we what the highest C we can get the best chance to advance but this is one of those years I'm not sure that missed seating by one or two one affect the team you miss either the effect that team they're playing maybe coach John Calif and Kentucky face and am in an hour and a half three other automatic berth it will be one today in the American athletic Connecticut against Memphis Louisiana Monroe plays Arkansas little rock for the Sun Belt title and in one hour Saint Joseph spaces Virginia Commonwealth in the Atlantic on CBS TV top ranked Kansas nailed down a one seed by winning the Big twelve tournaments you'd figure the same for North Carolina out of the ACC Villanova grasp on a top seating though not so firm after yesterday sixty-nine sixty-seven last season Hall in the Big East or again may get a one after crushing Utah eighty-eight to fifty seven in the pack twelve in the NBA in a Cavaliers hold a two game lead over Toronto in the east of Del tried at a half game to that this afternoon when they visit the LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers they have so many players you know they could make the plays and that's what makes him dangerous arms in the Bromberg Curry in with the other guys are playing.