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Listen: "Concussion are not an issue if the equipment is fitted properly?"

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Jonathan Daniel
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We have in sports LA sports warehouse called up tackle football warehouse and everybody's week when the guys out in their Italian fit my mind that it's an you know i insist in issue I did see the movie and I think I did the day in and in a situation where absorbed all-time and some approaching before all my had guys you know networking Carr surely you no longer than almost quit has always been properly an arduous I think keeping kids in football made and start a mountain flag bench doing things you know where each Allen were getting ready to Institute down in there were no moral each area where did what he did but what I'm telling me that that that's great but the point is is that you try to make is what concussion start in issue if he equipment is fitted properly from them No no no not at all but I'm so I am we've got an issue where Not only did Spain allowed per 30 years it's never had a concussion worst is you know we did have we've had to refrain we've had for five you know it's it's a lot of times it is it is actually a football helmet issue bad problem they the stuff you do think properly and really really dollars but I've I've had five you know talked a doctors have said you know it's not necessarily you know certainly having properly fitting equipment does help but a concussion gonna get sustained whether or not it's properly fitted helmet or not so I'm sure you know I mean with some will say you know with this slump in stone today in these big guys and an guys in any NFL I'm sure they're more concussion then that you know in some of these guys I never gonna played football ever again out of high school and end it comes down to now I mean an an Donnie I'm sure they're leagues like 'hey you mentioned that would've dads do in doubt in Maryland that that do it the right way there some that do it the wrong way end you know I can go out and around the country and tell you which ones the son of I mean that's wears a fair and you gonna go out there and do you do diligent saying I mentioned earlier this is a case where guys get all these different information away the factors and say okay is As a worth it to I want my you know little one do I wore my son and daughter go out there and par take or you knowis it case where no I'm not gonna do it until they get a lot older and we know even a little bit more than we know right now South Carolina at Sandy what's going on Andy both righty they meant I'm doing well Andy how're you come to the point I'm gonna make up they've been a bill not terrible they're gonna fill the structure through Purcell reasons but one I think the really popped out the majors those last few games when they were the targeting they did they hitting it will drawing yeah and ended the thing to me like like they really didn't do a lot about you know amenities guys you know story these guys and he'll new approach really I mean they should be a got a game they should've been done it shouldn't over into the night as a game the should've been find the horse just feel we should come down these guys keep him from doing those things so you know you you put these people's career alarm when you guys come down that we got a you know what guys were gone down had some good energy reason would from up to their career that so I mean an an bidding you could definitely be NFL one adjusted they can make is they could atop the college ruled a Tarkenton so where are we If you get that you know if you get a guy that lowers the helmet targets they'll be thrown out the game regardless We saw that we saw Joey Votto The star Ohio State defensive player who's gonna be a top 10 pick in the NFL draft pick kicked out of the Fiesta bowl gives Notre Dame was that midway through the first quarter for targeting exactly and so if you want to happen is in people's TV NFL cracking down on these things and and you know did he immediately right now okay then people are definitely gummy looking.