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Listen: "they're viewing television much differently than previous generations"

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Jason O. Watson
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Football the back you know we we teams that earlier but the National Football League is decided that they are going to scream on Twitter the Thursday night NFL games this year Thursday night NFL games are now going to be stream live on Twitter what did this Sunday dozens of what he repeated game over in Europe and they're still luego shooting for that right now because we've got with three games help me on how to like that we'd like that Philip it was in an Al people of Pitching about it complaining about the fee pout wasn't clear my biggest pitch it was Jackson thought I know there's building something special Jacksonville in Buffalo got slow above when the losing that could get good team one problem six am on mop I'm ready for more than I don't know here so I go to my Twitter Gase about the start what my looking for is that like that NFL trolls what it a whole new it's going to be so I would rather watched the game him on my phone made him away on a Thursday night games what I think what we're doing here let or Can i watch on a Sunday well you to watch Pittsburgh Cincinnati dwindle underneath the NFL factor here's what I think they're Jo to some Twitter feed here's what I think they're trying to do in the stories that of wreck because they got all of the social media outlets vying for Facebook dropped out of become Friday the number two high those of you know what they have is on Yahoo all involved so what you're trying to do is they're looking at young people in young people don't as you just said don't have cable so they're using their phone maybe they have a Netflix account their there you won't see the right there viewing television much differently than previous generations so there settling on we might lose these people if they're not watching CBS they're not watching NBC they're not watching ESPN what we do here we got a caption so the gonna go to Twitter and a gonna put him on Twitter so my guess is what you're going to get is you going to you will fall the National Football League with a National Football.