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Listen: "Cavs overwhelm the Knicks, 107, 93, LeBron James with the tripple double"

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Ronald Martinez
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From CBS TV meanwhile the other bracket plays later today Virginia against Syracuse for North Carolina takes on Notre Dame coach Jason an official apology for ticket aside Dylan Brooks of Oregon after their game Thursday night for any stupid player for what Coach K fell was extensively celebrating play in a lopsided game NBA Thunder knocked off the Spurs won eleven ninety-two Kevin Durant thirty one Russell Westbrook twenty-nine Tim Duncan Tony Parker Manu Ginobili and LaMarcus Aldridge for got the night off to rest for the second consecutive game with a bruised quad cabs overwhelm the next one of seven ninety-three LeBron James with the tripple double Jazz over the T Wolves ninety-three eighty-four Hawks will the Pistons won twelve ninety-five Raptors one fifteen Pelicans ninety-one Magic comfort balls won eleven eighty-nine that's out for the Pacers won twenty-one ten forward for too much for the Bucs one fifteen ninety-one Celtic as the Psalms one oh two ninety-nine Isaiah Thomas a twenty-eight the Blazers with for the Sixers one away one of five the marketability listening to CBS Sports Radio.