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Listen: John Henry Andy ownership went crazy they gave rings today pretty much game brings did that that the

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Tom Pennington
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In him not even close gets tougher one day you know what here's my takes plays with anybody who's freakin' sleeping right now Honey uses somebody as a sad I think I would dump even a second verse sleeper bed Chris as a kind a random question but I like it when a franchise wins the Super Bowl are the trainers an equipment guys given rings to another is how far down the the rings go when a franchise won the Super Bowl most of the time they are I haven't heard a situation where they're not and I think this day and age v teams the league's they're very generous it takes so much effort everything ousted following the plays everybody understands how hard it work is behind the scenes an to my understanding almost all the support staff get rings an a recognizes part of a championship organization when I saw the question I did a lower eating Taylor DNA five say covers a hundred fifty rings for the winning team at seven thousand dollars per anxious he amazing but yeah I think you're right i think basically everybody taking gathering to get even players who a practice squads Earlier on a team and caught an left the team and all the cases and that's not like Happy there it's only what the legal pay for that team itself the franchise in order as many rings at longs so I believe most times now pretty much everybody who works forty organization gets a ring I know what the Red Sox in the Boston Red Sox won their first one John Henry Andy ownership went crazy they gave rings today pretty much game brings did that that the best fans in the end they gave brings everybody this is a strange food question question is came in only nine minutes ago so in segment and I don't know that I understand.