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Listen: "The Redskins were notorious early in free agency"

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Andy Lyons
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Guess what happened nothing the Redskins are notorious early in free agency signing washed up veterans of huge names to big contracts and David amount to anything Davis stubble field Bruce Smith Deion Sanders guys like that may want nothing Albert Haynesworth that worked out I don't mind is this it's an exciting time but in reality and I think it's a proven point already where it's not conjecture speculation you're not going to go to the Super Bowl based on what you did in free agency okay great Jacksonville you start another goal lead Jackson and Chris Ivory yeah bet to send Garrett barks yeah that suits haven't Smith yeah bet too late portals said they now heard and Allen Robinson although T. J. yell did now they spent a second round pick on just a year ago what's he going to do with Chris Ivory getting it's billion dollars or over six million a free agent deal but that's only to Super Bowl winning team honestly I don't even know if that's how they get it made team yet they got more money to spend I get to spend more money here and there adamantly well look you know what a team that's going to go eight made the best nine in seven and I spent three hundred million dollars in all salaries probably this offseason now it's not guarantee but you know what.