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Usher On How He Gets Through The Tough Times: 'My Fans They Keep Me Alive'  

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That's what he'll pay attention to with that he has been a few things we hope that you're going to protecting your private life in keeping a private went when you're gone dear divorce it to make it they tried to like you know they had no details everybody's trying to write about you everybody was rooting for the good of that which was the good of your your kids in the good of you know but i wouldn't let me let me say quickly and then said the you know if you focus on the positive no matter what mattingly ahead probably shouldn't here are doing but when you focus on found what did is it we've been able to do disappointing years but i can play to that be about myself i had the keeping laughable when i went to cope with maybe proceeded to at the moment i didn't think about the second half and up in ghent i will probably for their support it's a totally write it and then i want to get open shown it here remember you've got to thomas me is not no you don't then you can leave out any of their heads you know me like that in the lane blow i'm and be so disappointed in a monday that he d be take a lift you're here and you got a new love and you got to love in the clown my favorite got clever identity my way you've got to do yet i'm going through that because that when i go to the shows like i went to go see ice i jay z recently in that's i just in recently in a drove me knots that they only did like twenty seconds of a song that was probably one of their top three songs of all time battling a whole lot couldn't be everybody to what i've been doing it's up to social media i share spike guy shannon in myself had been haven't conversations here and we're trying to figure out how many babies do you think you've been born by people that we're listening to your music you know it's crazy they will be it went again generation more i don't people will decide militia the dl but when you can win the ballots from people belief in amid heckle a puppy would happen to be in a cold making love it you're going to go soccer yes which son is number agreed that rolled away in that direction with him with a net moment with twenty years songs you think got more girls pregnant we can slowly concessions and they should you know it's got it a moment that maybe will lead want to remember.