Listen: "Carolina Panthers a little bit, yeah, some of the moves they may make to get themselves to the top of the mountain"

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Leon Bennett
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To get to the Carolina Panthers a little bit yeah some of the moves they may make to get themselves to the top of the first Pierce was trending one upset on the day so far in college basketball and that's Virginia Tech with a seventy seven the sixty two win over seven right Miami the Hurricanes loss gives added importance to the Duke North Carolina match up as Atari all's him now clinched the ace easy title how right with the win that game will tip-off moments from now number nine Oregon especially outright packs well title with a seventy six to sixty six went over us the number one Kansas Favre's this season unbeaten at home and with an eleven game winning streak after an eighty five to seventy a win over Iowa State Arizona hammered Stanford and Golf at the third round of the w G. see it is in the books Rory McIlroy was four under on the day he takes at three shot lead over Adam Scott and Dustin Johnson of so the fine a round earlier today new uno athletic director Josh women he fired a coach of Bill Cuban according to foxsports Constable Insider Bruce Feldman Hill on our expects the hire former Bears a Buccaneers a coach Lovie Smith to take you what's place I'm Kevin figures that unit to find out last won on your television buildup box Forest dot com for details and that's why.