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Who Gets To Be A Terrorist?

A radio host wants to know why we call violent Muslims terrorists while White Christian supremacists aren't?.

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"Can you have a Christian terrorist?"

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We're talking about terrorism, what makes a terrorist, who's a terrorist and who's a mass killer. Who's somebody who's committing hate crimes, and who's a terrorist? You know if it's true that a terrorist is someone who has political ambitions, that they're making some sort of a political statement, that it has to do with some cause that they are representing, not they're just completely Bozo nuts, but that they, even if they think that it is a cause and they're still Bozo nuts, they should be still categorized as a terrorist because the purpose of what they're doing has these political aims to it. So we don't know yet if the guy in Chattanooga was a terrorist, he may be but we don't know. The presumption has been made and he has been referred to by authorities who are investigating in addition to the media, he has been referred to as a terrorist and yet the shooter in Charleston, South Carolina, the white supremacist, was not. Why not? And the only reason I think we can come up with is that he was Muslim. The other guy, was Christian. Can you have a Christian terrorist?