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Listen: "Who do you hate more, Erin Heatherton or George Karl"

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Christian Petersen
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I'm not just throwing out a willy-nilly with Shaquille O'Neal is one yeah right he was Lee he would lean on his basketball expertise yeah I'm sure I'm sure that they won't un cornea hate more Aaron Heather tener George Karl George Karl charge Karl has been very successful in the him be you try to put all the not just and it's not working is it working you think it's working OKC just fire the coach again because no I think that's going to go 'OK and asked I mean it either that some players is not where game of why we're discussing if it was Larkin we what this would be discussed Marc Staal when the made the but that made the report what you make it sound like because they're going to fire the coach that that moment I didn't do that but a superstar put his that does that mean as Wright said minute was right with is not about right or wrong or say what usually happens it's the culture or as the superstar player and if the one constant is the superstar player and the owner OK what a superstar player well yeah but I'm a missing that the point that you're making a missing should they do that just because that's what everybody in Indiana does you know they should not come for OK OK but they need to pinpoint what the issue is because they haven't had any success this is a claro if it's not leaving the hello wall because it looks like get there but in the start the conversation thinking that they made a mistake by a fire not firing George Karl the mistake I'm not here clamoring for the guy to be fired just said they need to find out what is a source of the problem is his message still resonating Kenny get along coexist with the superstar player if he kept and we've that report out the report AP report that he can I mean they were the photos of the video of the up their crossing paths and looking at each other not even acknowledging each other given him ahead not is up like that and McCabe blown out proportion but it why we sitting here are still discussing the Kings and George call if there isn't an issue or not saying there's not an issue but we start a conversation with you know they decided not to fire up and it seemed like you should because that's the problem and that's that's the the point that you were trying what is there is a problem but now they need to pinpoint what the source of it is that's the point I'm trying to make well that's what they're doing yeah we're going to keep the status quo that's why it well maybe maybe not but they also they but keeping the status quo to be a departure from what they're doing which is changing things all the time this will be the one fourth what I said of fourth head-coaching the three years to would have years need some continuity is an as far as your he's not medal laying you know there was a time where he suggested that the Kings run a certain defense the owner and his team was doing that so he tees certainly is meddling So I mean I think that we need to find more information before he definitively figure out what's wrong and how they fix come down with that so I mean that to me it's one of those deals where it's probably coming from the top down and that's that's that's what it seems like more than it's obvious that glad to be back has owners here because he was able to hold him often as an assistant George Karl is still there it .yes or could be one of those things where 'Hey this reports out there will show that I wouldn't be surprised if they got around said yeah will now this reports out there will SC Roman will keep will keep George Karl.