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Listen: "Exactly sometimes that's the answers got some place at least"

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Chris Jackson
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Being in areas where there are a lot of mosquito so if you go someplace in their slams egos maybe goes someplace else you know to avoid those exactly sometimes that's the answers got some place at least SO TELL ME about I know your communicating in your monitoring this new communicating with that the health professional where the cases of the buyers been confirmed where wears the most mostly a concern right now will the most of the cases are careening people who are living in places like Brazil in central America were having a few cases of Americans with traveled their comeback to this country but it's very very rare a lot of what we're doing right now is precautionary Blue want people to be aware of the speier's in these other virus isn't diseases and we want people just to realize that when you go down the these places easier to be on the beach you put some screen on put that insecure talent on to just take some precautions we don't have any problems with people picking up the speier's to bring him back to Iowa as you said 'You're not monitoring individual people as their traveling of course but is there's some sort of communication Network if someone brought it back into Iowa is there is their what kind of communication network exists in the medical community still been everyone knows that where the virus is in who has it well that it would be of great concern let's say you go to the Caribbean in New pickup seek a you come back you get a couple days of the fever don't feel good to be honest it's not a real risk anybody here I would because there's no the winter we don't Emmy mosquito lost out right now we could be the way that would go from you to another person OK but if you would you get diagnose we give you call and say you know don't donate blood just take some precautions if you're going to have intimate relationships just so you for the next month's you take some common sense kind of precautions just make sure you wouldn't spread it but the biggest risk of course is that somebody would come back the state's be in a place where the miscues that can carry the speier's are LIBBY they get Den by mosquito and then the miscues star transferring the to other people the good news is that those mosquito is even in the summer time or not sound here in Iowa OK when catch so it seems to me your you're always calm voice in all of all the publicity that things like this guy but where you struck was was it's strange due to start reading articles that people in other countries as they OK now women don't get pregnant for two years and things like that that's seems to be a little bit I'm sure that's what draw the drew the media attention to it seemed to be a really drastic solutions all that well it is a drastic solution but of course if you seen in the of these children who were born with the small heads the micro softly this is something that I think anybody in public helped would say I want to do everything I possibly can do to prevent that I'm and right now since we don't know how to prevent it other then just to tell people stopping that my mosquito switch to be honest for American Travelers probably not too hard to do but Europe or person Levine in rule areas to Brazil might not be as feasible and so than their same to to those families right now all you might want to delay getting pregnant so we can figure this out maybe come up with a backseat or be able to do something so that we can make sure that of a child that.