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Listen: a horrible called lawn Malcolm Butler only a youyou passing appearance

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With all the kids do right as though overhead these there's the big movie that one and sell all be sitting eighty good laugh at himself so yeah that that was a good one but that was a big story yesterday an at first what that coin toss says the Jets beat the Patriots 80 huge win for them I don't know you could over state that at all but it over time you have this we're recalling tossed or Matthew Slater seems confuse de official seems confuse A legal and Dan ballots a confuse America confused an what I thought happened at first was that Matthew Slater wanted the ball I really thought that he was sent out there to say yes to on the ball for win the tossed an VIN somehow miscommunication and they were kicking the ball off but then after the game was explain the does make a little bit of sense that Matthew Slater was confused about be an give the fielder who gets a choose with that and he would send out there to kick now I don't believe the bill Bell Czech was lying in his post game when he said he thought it was the best thing to do I don't think Matthew Slater was lying when he said yes I we send out there to say that we're going to kick and knowing confusion was over which ended the field who got Jews that an that's where I am confuse for different reasons why would you do that a rebuild Bell check that out smarty yourself you got the best quarterback we have ever seen at least for me an Tom Brady you got the momentum take the ball Don't try to get too cute nets and while yes doing every ball game you defer if you win the coin toss because you want that second half a kickoff I I understand that in a lot of people attributed to muscle memory and even said that during the broadcast but you're right it's over time brawl that the one oh we want the rock right now because I got a quarterback who just let my team down the field although the Jets defense but there's some poor covers some poor attempts the takeover Gronkowski and when we talk about the cover to and I won't bore you anymore but they just over play dead and miss play that defense all the time Minnesota big with small the i don't on that one particular played a big fourth down kits by long run Koskie but I'm given a bum off its immediately Mrs overtime Tom Brady here's the raw go when this one for me anaemic we get a bill who are this I still have faith and I think defense that relying on Even if they win the coin toss and take the rock I'm still gonna rely on defense and I thought they'd be there was a horrible called lawn Malcolm Butler only a youyou passing appearance play early in the ball game and not early late in the ball game for the Jets and the Patriots and so I am taking the rocked allows confuses everyone in an honest MSG normal normally that's what you do to defer but not in that situation hit the ball and embrace hands immediately let's go when this even when these overtime rules change we felt like you take the ball you hate you hate you should have confidence in that situation especially when you've got a quarterback like that so that was an interesting one in the Jets did take advantage of lead you can choose go back and say that the Patriots gave the games at the Jets because of the coin toss I mean that but that Ben's when right down the field and new want that big catch an run and of course the touchdown the decker an this off fans for the New York Jets is one that you really need to take seriously and it's hard to do that when you look at Ryan Fitzpatrick you think Eric decorous a guy that was only made by Peyton Manning in him his wife run a reality show and Marshall what he's crazy and he's gonna do something that's going to tear this locker room part now my gonna Chris Ivory in But while Pau wanna take this is a good off fans an every single week they are solid and they're not making a ton of mistakes an It's hard to really imagine 18.