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Listen: "Top five quarterbacks of all-time"

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Dustin Bradford
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With the win going one of those two leaders the Marlins yesterday eight two also whom ring was OF she d Martinez and Steven Moya esto us for your top five quarterbacks of all-time some venting or take top ten home Brad shot Marino Montana far Brady Steve Young John Elway Randall Cunningham Peyton Manning Aaron Rodgers Bryant randle coming into the fifth pitcher only put Brett show what you know he's William in order I don't know maybe just doing is Earth off he's thinking out loud Randall Cunningham it was the ultimate weapon not that it was him the best Philadelphia quarterback ever to be Donovan McNabb yeah okay choked in the Big Games now I know I lows in Gentlemen Boys and Girls your chance to win a pair of tickets to see the won the only Frye tally end at the fill more on March eighteenth Tickets On Sale Now Live Nation dot com we'd love Frank Caliendo speed great guy and a great performer that's on March eighteenth we're going to play what's that sounds two four eight five three nine ninety seven ninety seven as the telephone number two four eight five three nine ninety seven ninety seven Greg if you play is out what that sound there is some static they're great to play the sound again okay no idea all right let's go to Ryan Davis senior ninety seven one the ticket and then transform I guess is not correct but he would you hearing mark call us from Nova what's that Sam radio at the moment noted you know I do here little The a out well there and that might've in my guess it's pretty good guess wins that talked to our market Melvin down mark what's that sound that's when the lead to develop we need to be a little more specifically the goal is to seal news wow if we get that apparently nine when the mark well done the big fan there's no the video game legend harvin has a lot of time over thirty years old well this and it worked out for the graduations Mark appreciated and now you're going to go C.F. Frank Caliendo at the film are on March eighteenth Tickets On Sale Now at Live Nation com speaking of the year modo men's legend absolved on all things you re how holds the game you sit twenty-one years I thought thirty years of thirty years old I saw lines tonight Lopez thirty years old Mike yeah yes celebrating the thirtieth anniversary Legend of his old did you did you read over the weekend that the inventor of email died now I didn't three have Ray Tomlinson who invented email now this was were not what Year do you think.